ASPET 2017

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Apr. 22 - Feb. 26, 2017

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Division for Behavioral Pharmacology - Team Science Forum: Scientist Crosstalk on Chemistry and Behavior


Emily Jutkiewicz – Univ. of Michigan Medical School
Bruce Blough - Research Triangle Institute

The symposium/workshop will focus on the highly collaborative interactions between medicinal chemists and behavioral pharmacologists in the development and investigation of novel therapeutics. Pairs of speakers will describe findings ranging from chemical design and synthesis to in vivo evaluation of a single class of compounds. Importantly, these teams will demonstrate how scientists from these different fields communicate and educate each other, emphasizing the challenges and successes of these important scientific relationships.

Pair 1: Development of GlyT-1 Inhibitors for the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders

Peter Guzzo - ConSynance Therapeutics, Inc.
Nicholas Moore - Brains-On-Line

Pair 2: Designing Mixed Efficacy Opioid Ligands with Improved Analgesic Profiles

Henry Mosberg – Univ. of Michigan
Emily Jutkiewicz – Univ. of Michigan

Pair 3. Optimizing in Vivo Pharmacology of Short-Acting Cannabinoid Ligands

Alex Makriyannis - Northeastern Univ.
Carol Paronis - McLean Hosp., Harvard Univ. Med. Sch.

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