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Our Mission

To provide preclinical contract research services, streamline the drug development process, and bring greater overall value and efficiency to our clients.

Brains On-Line is a contract research organization (CRO) operating in the life sciences and pharmaceutical fields. For decades, we’ve specialized in preclinical testing of central nervous system-targeted drugs, but we also readily support the discovery and development process for any compound. Ultimately our focus is on seamless client collaboration to facilitate speed and efficiency in getting drugs into the clinic to help patients in need.

Main Area of Expertise

Analysis of in vivo pharmacology and pharmacokinetics of drugs in the brain, in a time-dependent manner, under freely moving conditions.

Team & Approach

Brains On-Line was co-founded by one of the pioneers of microdialysis: Professor Ben Westerink. Our well-trained experts with years of experience working on drug discovery projects within both Pharma and biotech companies continue to develop and improve new experimental techniques for measuring neurotransmitters and exogenous compounds in the CNS.

But we’re also dedicated to the process of consistently enhancing our pharmacokinetic studies to keep up with the latest insights in quantitative microdialysis. Our in-house experts work in collaboration with several well-established international academic researchers who have extensive experience in pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies, particularly related to the penetration of compounds into the brain, across the blood-brain barrier, and also across the brain-CSF barrier.

Brains On-Line employs a number of specialists for behavioral testing and/or electrophysiological testing of central nervous system-related compounds, offering pre-phase-one testing in vivo through a broad spectrum of research techniques, including microdialysis, bioanalysis, pharmacokinetics, electrophysiology, behavioral studies and many more.

We provide global coverage from our research facilities in Groningen (The Netherlands), and San Francisco (USA), and our business offices in Kurume (Japan). Collectively we offer many decades of experience across multiple disciplines, and all our scientists are intimately familiar with what it takes to usher a compound through the drug discovery and development process.

Study Types

Our true advantage is the ability to design and customize a study program uniquely suited to each client’s needs and objectives, pulling from our broad service offerings.

Study types include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Drug-drug interactions
  • Drug metabolism
  • Proof of principle/Proof of concept
  • Behavioral studies
  • Electrophysiological studies
  • Dose ranging / dose effectiveness
  • Comparative physiology
  • Free fraction and bioavailability
  • Combined pharmacokinetic and/or pharmacodynamic and/or behavioral studies

Services & Consultancy

Beyond our contract research services and consultancy activities, we are always looking to enhance our knowledge, expand our field of work, and increase our service level by creating additional business units around the world.

Research services and consultancy activities include:

  • Strategic consultancy on in vivo evaluation of preclinical pharmaceutical drug effectiveness, both in pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics
  • Optimizing R&D for preclinical studies
  • Designing and writing of study protocols
  • Writing of scientific study reports according to international standards, or to custom specifications
  • Data analysis, data management, statistical testing, and quality assurance
  • Medical and scientific current literature reviews

Careers & Internships

We’re always looking for highly motivated employees whose interests and qualifications fit with one of the available positions in our laboratory.

We are continuously looking for new colleagues specifically in the areas of neuroscience (PhD level), biotechnical staff (experimental qualification), and bioanalytical professionals (experience with HPLC and LC-MS/MS). Beyond the current openings listed below, we encourage qualified candidates to generally inquire, and indicate details of interest related to working with us.

Inquiries and applications should be submitted via email to careers@brains-online.com

Current Openings:

Research Associate

All aspects of Analytical laboratory operations, such as sample receipt, data generation, verification and interpretation, aberrant data and out-of-specification. We are seeking a highly motivated, Research Associate to join our research team and contribute to the expansion of our South San Francisco Facility.

Specific Responsibilities

Primary responsibilities for this position will include:

  • rodent surgeries;
  • microdialysis;
  • the development and running of rodent behavioral tests in support of CRO activities;
  • Additional responsibilities will include involvement in the design of experimental protocols and procedures, running experiments, and analyzing data. 


A Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Biology or related discipline with 1-3 years of laboratory experience is desired. Working knowledge of rodent handling including injections, surgical techniques, and behavioral pharmacology are required. Additionally, the successful candidate will possess a high degree of motivation, independence, and creativity. Further, the successful candidate will have excellent problem solving skills, have ability to multi-task, have the capacity to design scientific experiments and effectively document scientific results. Excellent communication skills, written and verbal, with a demonstrated ability to work and learn in a team environment are also essential.

Inquiries and applications

Inquiries and applications should be submitted via email to careers@brains-online.com

Bioanalytical Scientist

We have currently an open position for a qualified candidate to strengthen our team in South San Francisco. For the current position, you will provide quantitative analysis, develop new analytical methods and data interpretation of various biological samp

Specific Responsibilities

All aspects of Analytical laboratory operations, such as sample receipt, data generation, verification and interpretation, aberrant data and out-of-specification investigations, instrument qualification, operation, and troubleshooting, and all supporting documentation for such activities:

  • Method Development, analysis, maintaining and troubleshooting of LC-MS instrumentation;
  • Project planning and ensuring projects run to time frame and key milestones;
  • Assure high quality of the analytical work performed at our company;
  • Prepare bio analytical reports for our clients;
  • Capable of designing experiments, generating data and interpreting results independently.

As a part of our team you must demonstrate the ability to work independently and demonstrate technical proficiency, problem solving and experimental troubleshooting. Successful candidates will also conduct scientific literature searches and maintain accurate documentation of experiments. In addition, the candidate will possess good leadership skills, work well in a team, will be objective-driven, and understand the importance of project timelines. Furthermore an understanding of general lab management and safety is necessary.


This position requires an M.Sc. or PhD. with an emphasis in bioanalysis and or separation science. Theoretical and hands on experience with Mass spectrometry and HPLC is essential, experience with ELISA and protein chromatography will be appreciated. Must possess strong communication skills, the ability to multitask and work in a flexible team environment and independently. Requires the skill to troubleshoot problems utilizing knowledge of chemistry and chromatography. Capable of working safely and be able to give and receive guidance around the potential hazards of laboratory work.

Inquiries and applications

Inquiries and applications should be submitted via email to careers@brains-online.com

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